In this part of the project we can assist you with the creation of your master from menus, flash, auto-run to sequence of documents etc. If you’re not mastering your recording, you are leaving out what could be a crucial step in the making of your CD or DVD.

Your master is the template for thousands of your CDs or DVD’s to be produced for commercial release. 
Mastering enables your recording to 100% reproduce you’re your final work.

Solutions are:

CD Replication and DVD Replication Solutions

CD Replication and DVD Replication, like the ones you get in a retail outlet, have an aluminium top reflector layer and clear plastic bottom layer where you will find tiny little bumps called “pits”.  They are pressed down by a physical stamping process – glass master. Then another layer of plastic is laid down over the pits. You cannot see that there is data burnt onto the disc.

ACTA Media Solutions provides quality CD and DVD replication to companies that create software, multimedia presentations, telecommunications, IT providers, music, movies, business intelligence and publishers.

ACTA Media Solutions can replicate from as little as 300 CD’s or DVD’s to millions, together with our sophisticated Pioneer silkscreen printer, you are assured of a professional product that can be sold in the retail sector.

A variety of printing options are available, in one colour or full colour

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Label with digital print
  • Thermal print

We can assist from conceptualisation to your completed printed product  Our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure that you are satisfied from start to finish with expert advice and project management.