Buttons and Spiders

CD Button and Spiders

Sometimes known as CD Hubs, can be used to attach CDs / DVDs to promotional material. Self-adhesive. Economical and effective!

CD Spiders (PVC) are vacuum formed plastic disks with adhesive backs that stick onto just about anything. They look very much like the moulded CD spider found in the center of a jewelcase tray. Available in Black, White or Transparent.

CD Buttons (Foam) look like small buttons. They also have adhesive backs. Available in Black.

CD buttons and spiders

Buttons and Spiders




Software Boxes

For retail applications, where maximum perceived value is required, a software boxes are ideal. Designed and printed to your specifications these software boxes can hold a host of media, printed information and extras. Use either one of our various standard boxes or custom design to your requirements.


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Memory Stick Branding and Duplication

Also known as a flash drive, data stick or jump drive, a memory stick is essentially flash memory integrated with a USB 2.0 interface used as a small, lightweight, removable data storage device of various memory capacities. This hot-swappable, non-volatile, solid-state device is compatible with nearly any system that supports USB. It creates marketing and branding for you that can be used on an ongoing basis.

Acta Media Solutions can brand as little as 10 memory sticks up to thousands with your information copied onto it. It can be a presentation, website or a catalogue.

Brand your memory stick with a colour silkscreen print. We strive for competitive pricing while maintaining quality.

We can assist from conceptualisation to your completed printed product. Our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure that you are satisfied from start to finish with expert advice and project management.

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