DVD Duplication

It has been 14 years of superior quality, client service and market related pricing. ACTA Media Solutions remains the leading supplier for DVD Duplication and DVD media dvd duplicationReplication. No matter the quantity, we at ACTA will produce from as little as 25 branded DVD’s up to millions.

DVD duplication is the burning of data on a blank recordable DVD, we have many DVD duplication products such as your standard DVD which can hold anything from 4.7gb to 17gb of data or your mini dvd which in normal recording holds 30 minutes of video (DVD quality) or 1.4 gb of data.

All duplicated DVD’s are checked and are 100% the exact copy of your original master, all jobs go through a high standard of quality checks from the duplication process, printing and final packaging to ensure that the client is happy.

A variety of printing options are available, in one colour or full colour:

We can assist from conceptualisation to your completed printed product, our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure that you are satisfied from start to finish with expert advice and project management.

With top of the range and up-to-date technology duplicators, you are assured of a quick turnaround time and quality duplication.



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