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JewelCase Front Insert

The basic insert is printed full colour on a 240 X 120 sheet folded to a 120 X 120 booklet with optional printing on the inside. Used in the front of standard jewelcases, slimline jewelcases or plastic sleeves and can be increased, depending on the application, to up to 32 pages.

JewelCase Back Insert

Used on the back of standard jewelcases and magna multi-disc jewelcases. Printed full colour on either one side (for jewelcases with black trays) or both sides (for clear trays providing) for branding under the disc.


Dvd Sleeve

These are used on the outside of standard, slimline or multi-disc Dvd cases and are printed full colour either one side (for black Dvd cases) or both sides (for clear Dvd cases) providing for branding on the inside of the case.


Dvd Insert

Dvd Inserts Used for provision of extra printed information, presented as a booklet (from a single page to 32 page) inserted on the inside, with the disc, of Dvd cases. Template: Insert Sleeve

cardboard sleeves

Cardboard Sleeves

Cardboard Sleeves are used for provision of extra printed information, presented as a booklet (from a single page to 32 page) inserted on the inside, with the disc, of Dvd cases.



In this part of the project we can assist you with the creation of your master from menus, flash, auto-run to sequence of documents etc. If you’re not mastering your recording, you are leaving out what could be a crucial step in the making of your CD or DVD. Your master is the template for thousands of your CDs […]

Mastering and Conversions

ACTA Media Solutions offers many services around the interactive development and conceptualisation of presentations that include Flash, Animation, video editing and web design. This is done through a host of in-house facilities and skills and up-to-date technology. We also convert all video formats to DVD and CD from which we can make quality duplications and replications. We […]


Duplication and Replication

These services are different in nature due to the replication being a professional process that’s creates a moulding process of the disc rather than just a burning or copying of the data as duplication does. We at ACTA provide both these services We offer two services at ACTA Duplication Replication

Multimedia and Web Design Solutions

Our website design can be a basic static page or can be interactive with flash, animation, audio, video or e-commerce together with registration forms and newsletters. Our educated and creative staff will be able to accommodate any of your requests. Video and audio editing is now done at our premises.  This is done with state of the […]


Special finishes Lamination and varnishing are used extensively in brochure, manual and magazine printing. Lamination Often with lamination you might not actually see the laminate which is a thin plastic coating heat sealed onto the paper. You will however feel it as it creates a smooth and impervious finish. This will likely be a matt laminate. Gloss lamination is […]