Print Solutions

Custom full colour CD / DVD sleeves which include a jewel case front and back insert or a the DVD box case for the outside. No need to purchase CD sleeves or DVD covers anymore, now you can create your own. Printed sleeves and covers are great for storing or packaging CD’s and DVD’s for sale, promotional distribution. Our printing is done in Litho for large quantities or finishing of the product, we can also print in high quality colour digital. Booklets are also available from us.

CD / DVD Cardboard Sleeves – Image is everything – especially when it comes to sales.It provides our customers with a great presentation package. High resolution CD / DVD Cardboard Sleeve printing makes your creative design explode with rich detail. Sophisticated, well designed packaging has a proven effect on sales. So the best reason to choose CD / DVD Cardboard Sleeves or inserts is it your money work for you.