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Single Slots dispencing machines provide a simple and practical way to retail single cigarettes

Single Slots ‘  intellectual property offers trade protection in continents across the world and includes our patented drum system that works under both electrical or manual systems as well as an innovative underage (<18yrs) retail purchase protection system.

Single Slots success has resulted in us supplying one of the worlds largest tobacco houses with our dispensing cigarette machines. We are currently focusing on both local and international markets presently.

  • International patented dispensing machines
  • Patented under age retail purchase protection system
  • Cigarettes, cigars, vapes, cannabis
  • Adaptable and scalable for various product ranges
  • Customer convenience when purchasing tobacco
  • Operators have easy loading and quick sales

Single or loose cigarettes are a fixture at many shops that sell tobacco products. They prove to be a reliable source for cash-strapped consumers, reluctant of the high prices on a regular pack, and casual smokers who do not need an entire pack of cigarettes.

The loose dispencing machines are a very convenient service for tobacco lovers

The loose is a very convenient service for tobacco lovers – it is hard to imagine a person who enjoys cigarettes never having gone to a counter and ask for one.

Yet such single cigarettes also come with pitfalls. An opened pack becomes exposed to outside air and soon turns stale, resulting in poor flavour and may even lead to discarded stock. Loose cigarettes also create headaches. Selling loose cigarettes in a busy social location, like a restaurant, pub or nightclub, is an impractical arrangement. Yet demand for cigarettes at such establishments is always high.

Dispensing tobacco in non-age restricted retail venues

We are pleased to introduce Single Slots dispensing machines, a unique and practical addition to the retail field of tobacco. This new dispensing machine will assist operators in selling tobacco products as single cigarette units to customers. Our patented retail purchase protection system sidesteps the problems associated with single cigarettes, instead of by LEVERAGING the advantages they bring by not being a vending machine.

A common problem with traditional vending systems is that of controlling who has ACCESS. But Single Slots is controlled by the retail staff. Installed in a convenient location, a cigarette is dispensed to and handed over by staff after a customer has paid for it.

Since the sale is over the counter, it is naturally policed, ensuring underaged customers do not have ACCESS to cigarettes. The clerk has the right to ask for identification if he or she feels that the customer is underage.

mason CIgars


Mechanical machines

  • Rack pinion Cigarette Dispensing (3 range)

Electrical machines

  • Single Cigarette Dispensing
  • Single Cigarillo Vending
  • Payne Mason Cigar Vending


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